We are looking for people at all levels to get involved with our lab’s research. Please read this page first before contacting the PI directly.

Undergraduate Students

We are actively looking for undergraduates with experience in machine learning, software engineering (ideally in C++ and Python), and Robotics (ideally hands-on experience with ROS/ROS2). There are many different opportunities to work with our lab such as via a summer research internships, Eng Sci. theses, or as part of the CSC 494/495 course.

To apply, please send an email with CV and grade transcripts to: tisl-apply@cs.toronto.edu. This message will go to everyone who may have potential projects. One of us will respond if your background is a potential match for an anticipated opening. No response can have multiple reasons and usually does not mean that your application is not “good enough”. In most cases we simply might currently not have a project that is a good match. You are still very welcome to apply again in one of the next terms.

Graduate Students

If you are interested in becoming a graduate student at our lab, please apply to the University of Toronto Computer Science graduate program and indicate Prof. Gilitschenski as a potential supervisor. While there is nothing wrong with also reaching out via email, we do not recommend contacting the PI directly. We simply get too many such emails and it usually adds no extra benefit. Below is a FAQ containing some of the questions we typically receive.

Postdoctoral Researchers

We are actively looking for PostDocs with a strong background in the areas of robotic perception, reinforcement learning, probabilistic and geometric machine learning. You may be asked to apply for a fellowship (and supported in that application). Thus, a good time for reaching out is typically around 9 months before you want to start.


Visitors are welcome at all levels. Priority is given to self-funded visitors but we try to be helpful in obtaining funding. For undergraduates, funding can be obtained e.g. via the Mitacs Globalink Program (only for certain countries).

We also accept remote interns from time to time but these spots are very limited and highly dependent on our current bandwidth and research needs. If you are interested in becoming a remote intern, please send an email with CV and grade transcripts to: tisl-apply@cs.toronto.edu.


Before Applying for Graduate School

Will you hire graduate students this year?


Can we have a chat before I submit my application?

Unfortunately, no. I love getting to know students and hearing what you are interested in but there are simply too many such requests.

After Submitting Your Graduate School Application

Will you take a look at my application?

I try to look at all applications that may be relevant. The best way to be sure is by mentioning me as a potential supervisor.

I have submitted my application, will you interview me?

Maybe. However, I won’t be able to comment on this during the application process.