Igor Gilitschenski

Igor Gilitschenski

Assistant Professor

University of Toronto

I am an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at the University of Toronto. Prior to coming to Toronto, I was a visiting Research Scientist at TRI. I was also a Research Scientist at MIT as part of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab working with Sertac Karaman and Daniela Rus.

I joined MIT from the Autonomous Systems Lab of ETH Zurich where I worked with Roland Siegwart on robotic perception and navigation. I obtained my PhD degree in computer science working on nonlinear estimation at the Intelligent Sensor-Actuator-Systems Lab of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. It was supervised by Uwe Hanebeck and Simon Julier (co-supervisor).

Early on, I was fascinated by the laws that govern uncertainty and their applications, which was my focus while studying Mathematics (Major) and Computer Science (Minor) at the University of Stuttgart. My work aims at enabling robust interactive autonomy for robotics by developing novel perception and decision making methods for challenging dynamic environments.

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